Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Beginnings

It was quite the adventure but I have made it to Portland, Oregon at long last.  I have never been happier.  

My fella and I had talked about moving from frigid Madison, Wisconsin to the west coast for years, more as a wild fantasy than anything we truly thought we'd get around to doing.  Then life happened.  He got down sized and I was about to burn the building down if I stayed at my soul draining job one more day.   So we said the heck with it, packed everything we owned and moved out here with only a part time job and the flimsy idea of an apartment between us.  But here we are making a new life from scratch while only knowing two people in the whole state.

With all the beauty and the opportunities for awesome at every turn, even the job market and the supposed nine upcoming months of Portland rains can't get me down.  Because you know what this town has that Madison never even dreamed of?  Food I can eat!  

As a person with a plethora of food allergies and intolerances this is a big deal.  Portland has me covered.  Gluten free restaurants or traditional ones with gluten free options are everywhere.  There are even a handful of dedicated gluten free bakeries here.  Not to mention the tasty vegan places that understand my issues with eggs and milk.  There is even a vegan gluten free Italian place with a low sulfite wine list and sugar free desserts.  Finally a city that understands me!

So far I've explored a couple bakeries and been taken out to dinner at a tiny bistro with food so great my friend and I fought over which one of us got to purpose marriage to the chef.  But I haven't even gotten started.  And today the kitchen is finally fully unpacked so let the cooking begin. 

I'm in a town where I will never have to struggle to eat or fit in again, this will be my documentation of living the life I've always dreamed of in the city of my dreams.  There will be lots of food, wackiness, recipes, restaurant reviews and the unavoidable pictures of my dog.  Enjoy the ride.

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